Selected Websites

WestCAMP Divisions

Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Utah (MEP Utah). Includes Discovery Assessment® for manufacturers, new idea survey for rural and agribusiness development, and several helpful articles and other features, including information on Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

National Centers of Excellence. This new website contains significant information and resources of value to any center of excellence, including products and services, downloadable reports, and data on various national projects and initiatives sponsored in part by WestCAMP.

National Best Practices Institute (BPI). Currently under development, it will contain several unique tools and resources to help develop and implement best practices in your organization.

Partnership Websites

Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions Center (RMTS). The RMTS Center is a WestCAMP project in conjunction with MEP Utah and Setpoint to provide a range of professional testing services. RMTS is an environmental testing company serving Utah and the Intermountain region with quality, on-time solutions for manufacturers in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Automotive, and Consumer Products industries. Various national standard testing services and certifications are available.

Recommended Websites

Hazard Information Foundation Inc. (HIFI) was established to identify and publicize engineering improvements that can control hazardous conditions. HIFI brings a new look to safety by informing management, leadership and the public of design modifications or accessories that can effectively make machines, systems and services safer.

Utah Manufacturing Association (UMA). MEP Utah and UMA collaborate on many important initiatives and projects in support of improved manufacturing services for Utah-based companies.

Quik Sigma. Site features Six Sigma Statistical Software Solutions products and forums.

Other Websites

No other websites are currently listed.

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