National Centers of Excellence

The National Centers of Excellence (NCOE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) founded by WestCAMP and focused on supporting the efforts of all centers of excellence in each of the 50 states, along with corporate entities, educational institutions and government agencies to promote the development, transfer and successful commercialization of new technologies across all industry segments. NCOE seeks to increase the effectiveness of technology transfer and commercialization through a series of activities including strategic reports, services and projects discussed on its website at In addition, NCOE provides access to several very unique resources and tools to further benefit member centers and organizations.

The first major project and report released by the NCOE is an update to a 1997 study entitled "State Technology Development and Commercialization Programs - A Survey of the States". The 2005 update is available for review and download at the NCOE website. It provides comprehensive and detailed information about what each state is doing to support centers of excellence and various state-level initiatives to encourage technology development, transfer and commercialization.

Current Activities

The NCOE is currently engaged in several other major initiatives and projects designed to significantly increase the quantity and quality of technology transfer and commercialization. Of particular importance is the GAMBIT Center project that has just been announced.


You're cordially invited to become a member of NCOE free of charge. You'll receive regular updates on NCOE projects and a variety of development activities, events and other member benefits.

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