Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP Utah)

The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Utah (MEP Utah) is the first division created by WestCAMP, Inc. MEP Utah is a non-profit organization chartered with raising the level of competitiveness, performance, and profitability of Utah's manufacturers. MEP Utah is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Standards and Technology network of MEP centers operating throughout all 50 states.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers account for more than half of U.S. production. However, private consulting firms tend to serve large companies because of simple economics. As a result, smaller companies are left to their own devices to develop strategies, access the latest technologies, and implement the newest management and manufacturing practices. MEP Utah leverages state and federal support, along with a network of Utah-based public and private resources to assist in providing services to manufacturers.

MEP Utah Approach and Results

Fundamental to MEP Utah's approach is the focus on its clients' bottom line impacts. In April 2002, the American Society for Training and Development completed an economic impact study for MEP Utah. The study evaluated the impact of 40 recent projects. The results showed that the MEP Utah could be credited with creating or retaining 1,055 jobs, retaining or increasing sales by $122 million, and $474 million in industrial output. Performance since then has continue to track those metrics.

The objective of the MEP is to make a bottom-line impact on each business it serves. MEP Utah accomplishes this by identifying the 5-10 most important things that an organization should be doing, helping the management team turn this task list into a prioritized Strategic Activity ListŠ, managing that Activity List, and then helping overcome barriers to implementation.

Manufacturer of the Year Awards

Each year MEP Utah conducts a statewide search to identify and recognize Utah manufacturers who exhibit extraordinary industrial leadership and excellence. MEP Utah will recognize those exemplary manufacturers who are committed to the state of Utah and continue to contribute to its growth. Community leaders who recognize the importance of Utah manufacturing, as well as manufacturers themselves, are encouraged to submit recommendations.

MEP Ranked #1

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently announced that MEP Utah ranked #1 in the nation for customer satisfaction for project activity through December 2003. Visit MEP Utah for more information about its services, schedule of activities and upcoming events.

NCOE & BPI Support

MEP Utah supports the goals and objectives of the National Centers of Excellence (NCOE) and the Best Practices Institute (BPI), two other divisions of WestCAMP. MEP Utah is helping integrate some of its services and resources into both the NCOE and BPI.

MEP Utah Overview

Information regarding MEP Utah and its relationship to Utah manufacturing operations is now available in a PowerPoint presentation.

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