WestCAMP History & Purpose

WestCAMP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Utah corporation, established in 1993. Its mission is to improve the performance, competitiveness, and profitability of products and processes for Utah business enterprises. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Utah (MEP Utah) is a wholly owned division of WestCAMP, formulated to specifically provide such services to Utah's manufacturing industry. In accomplishing its mission, since 1995 WestCAMP has fulfilled and continues to fulfill several contracts with state and federal economic development agencies including the U.S. Department of Commerce and the State of Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development.

The operating budget for these publicly-funded economic development activities within Utah has averaged $2,700,000 per year. WestCAMP's full-time staff in the MEP Utah program ranges from 12 to 18 professionals, with several other part-time employees on staff as needed. WestCAMP also regularly involves numerous third party subcontractors in its work, drawn from a wide variety of consulting companies, private individuals, private industry, professional employer organizations, higher education institutions, and local, state and federal government agencies.

In order to minimize the overhead cost for human resource services, procurement, accounting, and other related administrative functions, WestCAMP has established a strong working agreement with Utah Valley State College to provide such services from their experienced and established staff. This affiliation has proven to be productive, reliable, and cost effective.

Unique Business Approach

WestCAMP is fairly unique in its basic business approach to contract and service delivery. Unlike most consulting and contract fulfillment organizations, WestCAMP does not pursue delivery of a specific, pre-designed or pre-determined product or service for any of its prospective economic development or business improvement clients. Instead, WestCAMP has focused its expertise on being able to perform comprehensive assessments of each of its client's various business activities and then to identify specific, quantifiable opportunities for significant, rapid, permanent and sustainable improvement. WestCAMP, and particularly MEP Utah, work closely with each of its clients to identify the most proficient and cost effective resources to accomplish the needed improvements, and that will appropriately balance the cost and return to the business enterprise from implementing any such proposed improvements. WestCAMP has therefore, for the past decade, been involved in a broad spectrum of product, process, and service improvements.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Utah (MEP Utah)

WestCAMP, through its MEP Utah division, is one of some 63 Centers throughout the U.S. currently under contract to the Department of Commerce to provide such services. It is noteworthy that at the close of 2003, WestCAMP's MEP Utah program was identified as the service provider with the #1 client satisfaction rating among all such services nationally, and was also rated as #4 nationally in positive, quantifiable impact for its clients. It is also noteworthy that the U.S. Department of Commerce's Census Bureau independently surveyed MEP's clients in Utah, and in a compiled report issued in 2002 found that for the preceding evaluation period, MEP had caused to be created or retained some 1,055 jobs, helped companies achieve $121.5 million in new or retained sales, and created a spend of $6.5 million in new equipment and training for modernization. Obviously, the return on the public investment in WestCAMP/MEP Utah for economic development services is significant.

Although much of WestCAMP's contract fulfillment effort is focused on product and process producers, these entities are themselves primary consumers of other various related services routinely provided to WestCAMP clients from third party resources. Accordingly, there is a significant and sustained multiplier effect from such economic development services. While that multiplier varies depending on the standard industrial classification (SIC now NAICS code) of each client enterprise, even a conservative average of 2.3 in local additional jobs creation clearly produces significant local economic stimulus, and generates increases in government revenues.

WestCAMP's nationally affiliation with the MEP network provides access to some 440 offices throughout the United States and a staff of more than 2,500 professionals engaged in similar activities in other states. This unmatched resource of field engineers and seasoned economic development specialists has proven to be an extremely cost-effective way of resolving problems and assisting entities in improvement by taking advantage of programs, procedures, and activities that have proven fruitful in other parts of the United States. The MEP network, plus other databases and professional resources that would be available to Utah County through WestCAMP/MEP Utah as its contracted economic development services contractor provide three important resources essentially impossible to duplicate through any other service provider:

  • Diversity of Skills. 2,500 professional engineers and economic development specialists who were selected to provide the full range of enterprise services needed for all aspects of industrial, business and organizational development in all industry classifications.
  • Range of Experience. Direct access to additional proprietary databases of over 1,000 other professionals that have successfully performed hundreds of millions in worldwide economic development consulting and business development in every industry and commercial segment. The immediate principals involved in the proposed contract have over 150 years of business, engineering and economic development experience between them.
  • Depth of Resources. WestCAMP has proprietary access and control over one of the largest national databases developed under contract with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce of high tech business development resources. In addition, it has well established unique relationships with several world class consultants who have agreed to allow WestCAMP continual access to their databases of best practices, economic development resources and affiliates for the purposes of fulfilling any aspect of any contract WestCAMP develops.

Part of WestCAMP's unique ability to address and successfully fulfill its commitments to assist its clients in the provision of enhanced levels of economic development services is its continual access to the MEP network, WestCAMP databases and other established resources.

Locally Headquartered, Nationally Recognized

WestCAMP is proud to be headquartered in Utah County, as it has been since its inception. It has a proven track record of success, is part of a national organization already serving the developmental needs of business clients statewide, and is the recipient of both state and national recognitions for the excellence of its work, performance and quantifiable outcomes that make a real difference.

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