WestCAMP Frequently Asked Questions

Following are several questions often asked about WestCAMP Inc. and appropriate responses.

Q: Does WestCAMP provide services outside of Utah?

Yes, through its divisions as appropriate. While MEP Utah is primarily an in-state program, it is an active member the Northwest MEP regional consortium, and also is active at the national level with support to other MEP organizations and related activities. Of course, the National Centers of Excellence and National Best Practices Institute divisions are active nationwide.

Q: How often does the WestCAMP board meet?

The WestCAMP board is a very active group and meets as often as deemed appropriate. It usually meets with a formal agenda at least once every 4-6 weeks in or near the Salt Lake City area.

Q: How are projects and initiatives developed by WestCAMP?

WestCAMP board members bring items of interest and concern before the board for discussion at every meeting. Potential initiatives and projects are discussed, additional research conducted, and funding strategies developed. When the board has a clear plan for how a particular activity will help WestCAMP better accomplish its mission, that plan receives authorization for support.

Q: Does WestCAMP have offices and employees, or have future plans to do so?

No, to both questions. WestCAMP relies on its strategic partners to help provide appropriate work space, and all WestCAMP employees and contract services are arranged through its divisions. There are no plans to change this approach to doing business in the future.

Q: How can I become associated as a client or partner with WestCAMP?

Just send an email to WestCAMP outlining your needs and an appropriate representative will respond back with further information and options of how to proceed.

Q: Does WestCAMP accept charitable contributions?

Yes. WestCAMP is a 501(c)(3) organization and is very interested in charitable contributions of all kinds including equipment, in-kind support, and other professional services that will help one or more of its divisions and/or strategic partners accomplish their stated purposes.

Q: Will WestCAMP finance special projects?

On occasion, WestCAMP does extend small amounts of funding to projects of merit as a sponsor, partner or in some other type of affiliation. Contact WestCAMP for more information. Be sure to carefully and completely identify what your need is and identify how any funding will be used.

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