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News Bulletin

NCOE Announces Establishment of GAMBIT Center

The National Centers of Excellence founded by WestCAMP recently announced the establishment of the Garn Advanced Manufacturing Business, Information & Technology (GAMBIT) Center. Since his flight on the Space Shuttle and his retirement from the U.S. Congress, former Senator Jake Garn of Utah: (more)

Study Published

"State Technology Development and Commercialization Programs - A Survey of the States"

Updating a study first conducted in 1997, WestCAMP's NCOE released on October 18, 2005 the above study and posted a downloadable copy on their website. During 2005 each state was surveyed to determine their level of investment in each of the following areas:

  • Basic and applied research programs
  • Technology maturation and commercialization programs
  • Seed funding and venture capital

This study reflects the new data collected from various documents, the websites and a responsible agent or agents from each state in the union: (more)

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Products & Services

WestCAMP provides various strategic services to its members including White Papers, Research, Multivariate Analysis and Consulting. Review each to learn more. WestCAMP draws upon a very large, experienced network of professionals and state-of-the-art tools to deliver its services. >>

Initiatives & Projects

A very important part of WestCAMP includes providing the vision, leadership and effort needed to complete projects of national significance for both Utah and the nation. Several projects are currently underway, including the GAMBIT Center. Learn more about each one in the Projects section. >>


WestCAMP will be adding additional reports, studies, articles, papers and other publications and databases to this website. The most current report is the survey results on "State Technology Development and Commercialization Programs." Copies can be downloaded from the NCOE website. >>

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